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Its 3am in the morning, and you and your friends have been having the time of their lives, you've been having fun for several hours, and its finally time to head home, so you walk to your car along with four others that you came with, and as you approach the car, you discover you don't have the key to your car anymore. The five of you try to retrace your steps, hoping to find the key on the floor somewhere, but no luck, the key is nowhere to be found and you then you begin to panic, because without the car key, the five of you will not be going home tonight.

The unfortunate predicament described above is a typical example of what happens to vehicle owners. Losing your car keys really does put you at a disadvantage, because you've unintentionally used the locks you use to keep unwanted persons out of your car, to lock yourself out. Trying to pick the locks or break into the car (especially when you accidentally lock yourself out with the keys still in the car), will no doubt damage the locks of the car, neither will you gain anything from smashing the window except more expenses in repairs.

When such a thing happens, and you find yourself locked out of your car, just get a phone and give us a call, and we will be there to take care of the problem. Our automotive locksmiths are experts, and will by-pass the locks without damaging them, before producing a new key programmed for your ignition regardless of the brand and model of the car.

We don't just deal with locked vehicles, we also take care of broken ignition keys, high security keys, dealership keys, smart keys, key duplication and cutting, ignition replacement keys, laser cut keys, lock pick options, lock and key problems, problems and programming of transponder keys, re-keying, and any other problem that you may be having with the security system of your car.

So when you're locked out of your car, don't panic, just contact us, whatever the problem may be, as long as it is related to the locks and security systems of your car, we'll have it taken care of.


(830) 326-6156